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Ribby with Wrea Endowed Church of England Primary School is one of the oldest primary school foundations in the country.  The original endowment came in 1693 when the village tailor James Thistleton left £180 for the "making and maintaining of a free school".


This was increased in 1716 by Nicholas Sharples who left £860 for the endowment of a school and purchase of an estate to provide income for the school.  Nicholas was an innkeeper and merchant of London who had spent his childhood in Wrea Green. 


The remains of the estate purchased some land that originally belonged to the school farm (Browns Farm).  The rent from the land, together with other investments income, provides money for the maintenance and extension of the building and also supports the curricular work of the school.


A later benefactor was James Hawksley who in 1847 left £100 so that the school children could have an annual treat (now a Christmas Party) providing school attends Church on St Thomas ' Day.  Needless to say there is a Church service on that day!

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