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Sport Premium Activities at Ribby with Wrea 2013-2014.

The sport premium funding has been utilised for many different uses at Riby with Wrea.

The funding has provided an excellent opportunity to offer new sporting activities for all and to allow all children the possibility to undertake extra curricular activities and curriculum sporting chances.

The funding has allowed Dodge Ball, hand Ball, ultimate frisbee, frisbee golf, gymnastics and multi sport activities to be introduced, These activities have been run by local coaches and supported by staffe with CPD opportuntities.

The school has been keen to offer all children a 'memorable opportunity' through the use of the funding. Year 2, 4 and 6 will all attend a day visit to Kaos ( a local Indoor High Ropes centre) where they will develop team working skills, use the ropes course and find out about health and safety issues.

Reception are to hold a day visit to a local sports centre, with nature trail and physical activities park.


Year 3 and Year 5 along with Year 4 and 6 will receive professional tennis coaching and have the opportunities to complete in Level 2 competitions against local primary schools.

To develop the legacy of the Olympic Games (2012) staff have signed up to a CPD package organised by the local SGO. This offers many sport coaching and CPD opportunties and develops links with local sports clusters and primary schools.

The school is also part of the local sports cluster working in conjunction with Carr Hill High School to offer Level 2 sporting opportunities and competitions against local schools, with the winners progressing to Level 3 (County competitions).

Funding has also been allocated towards travel to and from sporting events and the replacement of old sport equipment.


The school has signed up to a Healthy Living and Lifestyles programme and priovides a Healthy cooking extra curricular club to teach and promote healthy foods and eating.

The use of the funding is under regular review and has helped the school achive the Bronze School Sports Award (1 of only 3 schools in the Fylde and Wyre area).

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