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We have an exciting, enriched Curriculum at Ribby with Wrea so that pupils can develop their skills in a wide range of subjects.  We follow the National Curriculum (NC) and enrich this with many extended opportunities.  We constantly review our two-year rolling programme ensuring it meets the requirements of the NC whilst also exciting and engaging our learners.  This has been reviewed throughout the cycle and amendments made as necessary, ensuring that all children have equal access to all levels of learning, albeit through different topics over their time in school.

Each term we produce a 'Looking Forward' leaflet which details the Curriculum for each class.

SEND pupils have full access to the whole curriculum.


Visiting teachers come to school and share their specialist expertise.  This gives children openings to excel in many different areas.  We also benefit from the very welcome support from parents and friends who contribute to the reading programme or support creative and sport activities.


For further information about our school curriculum please contact the Headteacher.

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