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Sport Premium Activities at Ribby with Wrea 2021-2022


The start of a new academic year brings new life and opportunities into school sport and PE. With Covid restrictions relaxed, inter school sports events can be re-introduced and school swimming returns to the curriculum. 

As with most schools, Ribby carried over a surplus from last years Sport Premium and this year has approximately £33 000 to invest in the long term future and sustainability of School Sport and PE. 

Following on the review of past years and the audit of the current provision, skills of current and new members of staff and the need to offer pupils 60 minutes of activity per day the following action plan and use of the Sports Premium has been devised. Within this allocation, many opportunities to get children representing the school at festivals and competitions have been included, along with catch up swimming for those not on track to meet the Government expectation of 25m in a  range of strokes and water safety knowledge by the end of Year 6. The need to re-engage pupils in activities, fitness and healthy lifestyles has also played an important role in the action plan and future aims of School Sport and PE at Ribby with Wrea.


School Swimming - through the school swimming programme running from September to July, currently 91% of Year 6 pupils meet the Government expectations in regard to swimming and water safety. Those children yet to meet the standard have undertaken catch up swimming sessions in the Spring and Summer term, although they are still yet to meet the national expectation. Year 4 and 5 pupils have also attended swimming with 100% of Year 4 meeting the expectations and 94% of Year 5. Year 3 have started swimming lessons and will continue these in the Autumn term 2022 and further catch up swimming will be offered to ensure the Year 5 pupils achieve the standard before July 2023.



Cost  (approximate)


Review/Evaluation –

PE/Lunch Resources


New equipment purchased as needed

£500 from Richard Wilson Sports Foundation

Lunchtime Sport Organiser

Sept 21- July 22

£19.60/hr * 5 * 39 = £3820


Organise and support structured games and activities  - helping to ensure pupils completed 60 minutes a day of exercise at school and heling to control playground issues.


Skipping Workshop in School – All classes – September 2021

£380 + £360 resource bag

All classes participate in fun skipping workshops to engage and encourage skipping and healthy activities.


Box2bfit – fitness & health workshops


KS2 participate in 45 minute circuit based on fitness and health.

Equipment can be set up and run by TA to promote fitness in addition to PE lessons


Playground Markings


To promote activity and physical development – new playground markings have been created on the re-surfaced playground.


Skip2bfit professional ropes


Rope to be used in the playground and at home for fitness and practice.


Competitions – team colour badges,

£ 415


Provision of team colours for pupils representing the school has proved very popular and the self esteem and pride of the children has been notable.


Reading through Rugby


Reading intervention over 10 weeks - £50/week led by Fylde Rugby Club created by Literacy Team


New speakers/ amp in the hall to support dance and PE activities


Replace the broken speaker (left side of the hall) and the distorted sound from the right speaker.

Allows use of sound system for dance and PE lessons


Surface Pro 7+ (keyboard/pen)


To facilitate use of Twitter and website to promote sport and activity. Use and link to Windows school server. Update sport blog/websites use at home and school – long term school improvement




Cricket coaching  - provided by Fylde Cricket (Danny Gilbert)


Coaching sessions to develop the children's skills and increase CPD of staff in cricket and throwing and catching skills


Sports Conference


Liaise with colleagues to discuss Sainsbury’s School Games, planning, assessment. Workshop on outside providers and new sporting ideas


PE Lancashire Membership


Course and Scheme of Work  - Up date to APP




Staff to attend a variety of CPD to enhance PE provision – PE APP update




Getting to Grips with PE at KS2




KS1 PE Fundamental Skills




High Quality Dance and Gymnastics at KS1




High Quality Dance and Gymnastics at KS2




Trust and Challenge - EYFS




Getting to Grips with PE at KS1


Tennis coaching Years 2 and 3

£750 (£30/2hr X 25 wks

Coaching for in tennis, racket skills and net and wall – staff to assist and develop CPD


Tennis coaching Years 4 and 5

£750 (£30/2hr X 25 wks

Coaching for in tennis, racket skills and net and wall – staff to assist and develop CPD


Class cover for PE Co-ordinator

2.5 hrs x 40 weeks - £22/hr £2200

Release time for planning and managing sport in school


Extra-curricular Clubs – provision



Additional Extra curricular clubs offered at a reduced/free cost to parents. This helps ensure a higher uptake in the activity and has helped target our Pupil Premium children. Increased participation in re sports e.g. Handball and dodgeball.


Additional after school clubs –


Clubs to be run by experienced coaches from the Sport Partnership


Y3/4 Futsal


New skills and learning about futsal


KS1 Football


Opportunities for KS1 ASC

Good up take from KS1

KS2 Girls Football


Opportunities for Girls to play and learn new football skills

Well attended – coaching didn’t promote skill development

Tennis ASC

£30/hr x 10 = £300


Tennis club well attended. Net and wall skills links to PE SoW

KS1 club and Ks 2 Club ( Summer term 2022 2 x £20 x 11)


Wide range of additional clubs paid for by parents





Tennis coaching at Wrea Green Tennis Club


All Year 5 and 6 participate in tennis coaching for 5 weeks


Y6 Climbing Course – Hotharsall Lodge

6 weeks  £2100

6 week climbing course and SATs revision groups. Groups of 8 – booster sessions – Reading and Maths


 Canoeing – Fairhaven Lake


Year 4 outdoor day


Kayaking at Fairhaven Lake


Year 5 outdoor day


Outdoor day trip to Lakes District


transport (£600)

Year 6 – outdoor day to Lake District as part of the OAA provision.


Entry to competitions held at Carr Hill High School


All inter school competitions held at Carr Hill - increase in number of events has enabled more children to represent the school in a wide variety of events and competitions


School Games festivals and competitions run by the SGO – 12 extra events  


Entry to competitions has allowed teams to compete in more events and a greater range of sports and festivals with the possibility of representing Fylde at the Lancashire Games.


Transport to all competitions


Transport to events – Kirkham Macs taxi, Coastal Coaches, Travelcare






Total Received


5/12 in September 2021 (£7220.83)

7/12 in April 2022(£10 109.16)


Carried over from 2020-21




Total to spend September 2021-July 2022


£25 451





Total spent

£24, 674



Funding remaining at July 2022




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